I can’t stress out enough the importance of lead generation for the sake of your business. Without lead generation, there will be no new customers for your business. Without new customers, you will have negative growth and your business will not survive.


Thus, lead generation is a major part of a sales process. There are many ways in which a sales person can get new leads. People used to get new leads by going out on the streets, knocking doors in residential areas or handing out flyers in city centers. But nobody wants to do that anymore these days, because that method is ineffective and takes a lot of resources.


With the rise of digital technology, social media has become a daily staple of our lives. Therefore, it is the new way to reach to your potential customers. Social media can help you to connect your business to potential customers and generate leads for your sales process. However, not all social media can be effective in lead generation process. These are a few social media platforms that you can use to get new leads for your business, and why you should use them.


#1 Linkedin


Linkedin is one of the top social media platforms that you can use to get leads from social media. If you are not yet familiar with Linkedin, I suggest you do some independent research and learn about the platform. There are a lot of resources out there!


Through Linkedin, you can connect with professionals which may be interested in your business. Once you have set up a company page, you can easily write a call-to-action and direct people to visit your website to learn more about your business.


Last but not least, Linkedin allows you to see their members’ profiles which contains details so that you can learn about their background. Linkedin also has a messaging feature so you can message them and open up a conversation about your business.


#2 Quora


Quora is a Q&A website where all California members can freely ask questions, give support and expertise and write answers about a certain topic like separation and divorce for example. It is highly regarded as the source of credible information, and this is where you can showcase yourself to be credible.


Once you have set up your company’s account, you can start to answer questions that are related to your business. For example, if you are in the health insurance business, you can answer questions about health insurance. This will give you exclusive health insurance leads.

In addition, you can get people to click on your website and learn more about your products or services.



#3 Twitter


In Twitter, you can share relevant information about your business and also company updates. When you get the right information from workers compensation lawyers, www.lacaccidentpros.org/ and understanding about the worker’s comp process, you get a better outcome to your case. You can also engage in a discussion with the general public, which will eventually increase lead generation. Don’t refrain yourself from participating in a public discussion about a topic that is relevant to your business. Who knows, you will end up with new leads for you to prospect.


Now that you are familiar with three social media platforms to increase lead generation, which one will you choose? Remember, choose wisely and create an effective strategy!

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