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Health Insurance Leads – Finding a reliable Telemarketing insurance leads vendor is a challenge to say the least. We at Lead Hustler have a long proven track record of premium exclusive telemarketing health insurance leads (individual/family-group) that get results! We currently work with, Health Insurance brokers all over the USA and are having tremendous results with our leads.

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We at Lead Hustler refuse to take any short cuts in how we create the health insurance leads for our clients as we understand you need a sellable client on every lead hmo ppo what is ppo and hmo. As far as our approach we use a simple and straight forward cold call to self-employed small business owner to generate interest and gather all necessary information for you to have quotes ready and be calling ready to close on the first call.

We also let the prospective client know you by “First and last name” will be calling so you have additional built in rapport when you contact them. Also there is no need to constantly worry and check your email and have to call the SD rehab prospect back the second they hit your inbox as our leads are 100% exclusively prepared just for you. Home buyers are great for selling your property. They provide affordable pricing and excellent service, making purchasing a pleasant experience. Visit

Having a consistent track record of 30% close ratio for our Health Insurance clients has gotten us a high broker reorder rate! Check out why we are different from any other lead program you have used before and a permanent headache free solution to your lead needs now and in the future![/expand]

Health Insurance Leads is important for your business to grow. LeadHustler has been in the business for more than 12 years and we have been working with many business owners to provide exclusive health insurance leads substance abuse. If you want your business to grow, it is important that you have the possession of best health insurance leads. LeadHustler is a prominent health insurance lead generation company that works to give you contacts of your potential customers.

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1. I personally had 12 years in health insurance leads sales experience in face to face sales and over the phone sales and also owned my own health/life brokerage. I personally teach and do the training for all of our reps to know how to make the best health insurance leads possible.
2. I have 7 years of producing exclusive telemarketing health insurance leads in a call center environment which has even sharpened my skills in generating a premium lead and understanding the process from call to close which ensures your success.
3. We offer 100% contact rate on our leads or free replacement if you can’t reach them we replace them GUARANTEED.

4. 60 days 100% exclusive agreement GUARANTEED.
5. Telemarketing is the only method we use no short cuts are used to produce our premium quality leads.
6. All of our calls are audio taped and must pass a strict quality control specifications before they are sent to our broker partners and you can request the tape.
7. We work with the biggest player at the corporate level for leads: Insphere/Health Markets and Us Health Advisors as well as independent brokers as well.

We just wanted to give you important information on how our leads are made and how our system works. This will not only help you get the most out of the program but allows you to hit the ground running so we can be the best lead vendor you have ever used before.

1. We have been in the business of health insurance telemarketing leads for more than 12 years
2. We are experienced in providing training of health insurance leads for agents, that’s why our sales agents are professional and qualified
3. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

4. We use telemarketing for a more personal approach and to boost trust from your potential customers rather than doing internet leads
5. We offer one stop shopping place to buy health insurance leads
6. We take care of our quality very seriously. All of our calls are monitored and all of our leads have passed quality control checking before we send it to our customers
7. We have experience in working with the biggest players in the industry

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All of our health insurance leads are produced using telemarketing

We contact self-employed, mom & pop and small business owners for our clients during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

All of our health insurance leads are 100% exclusively made for you, and are exclusive for a minimum of 60 days.

We generate interest and gather all the necessary info in order for you to be able to prepare a quote and screen for common major medical auto-decline health issues.

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All of our health insurance leads are audio recorded so they can be check and verified by our quality control team before they are sent to you and are available to you as well if there ever is a problem or discrepancy on a lead.[/expand]

We don’t use internet leads for our data, instead we use telemarketing leads. Telemarketing leads means that all of our contacts are gathered using the information received from telephone calls made by our agents to real people
Our health insurance leads have gone through thorough quality checking to ensure all data are correct and contain no false information
If you are looking for a place to buy health insurance leads, you can find it in our website
We have been a trustworthy health insurance lead generation company that has worked with big players

We provide you with all information necessary. You can customize the information that you want to get from us. You have full control!

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Once you have placed an order to buy health insurance leads from LeadHustler, we will send you a list of leads after the end of a business day, starting at 5 PM PST. However, if you can’t wait and have an urgent request to get your health insurance telemarketing leads right away, we can process an expedited delivery with an additional service charge.


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Group Health Insurance Leads

Exclusive Telemarketing Group Health Insurance Leads – Finding a reliable Telemarketing insurance lead vendor is a challenge to say the least.

Live Call Transfers

We offer the full array of exclusive telemarketing Health Insurance lead options for the different needs of our clients and corporate health lead buyers.

Aged Health Leads

Our telemarketing produced aged health insurance leads also known as B-leads/ b health insurance leads are made using the highest standards by targeting and contacting small business owners, self-employed people, entrepreneurs, people who have to provide their own benefits.

Exclusive Telemarketing

Exclusive Telemarketing Group Health Insurance Leads – Finding a reliable Telemarketing insurance lead vendor is a challenge to say the least.

Pausing your existing health insurance leads order:

If you need to pause your order you can but it must be in an email and with a two business day advance notice of the day of the first date of the when the pause is take place. If it’s less than two businesses day and we already made leads we will still send them to you and will count on your order.

Payment Options:

Bitcoin– Since all campaigns are prepaid the value the day the contract is signed and payment is made will determine the number of bitcoin’s it will take to cover the campaign. The prices are pegged against the valuation to the US dollar.

Credit card/Debit – We can accept credit card via over the phone or on our credit card authorization form. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover both credit and debit cards


PayPal – Clients wanting to pay with American Express can pay for the services via PayPal with or without an established PayPal account. Clients can also transfer funds if available in their PayPal account to us as well but must pay the fee on their end.

Bank Wire – Clients typically use this option if they are renting the entire call center for the day. This is also an option for any size order as well.


Direct deposit in our bank – We currently accept checks, cash brought to any Wells Fargo bank for fast payments. Account numbers will be given to you if you elect to do this option at time of payment.

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