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Leadhustler are the source of reliable data for your business. We have various kinds of data that can answer your queries.

U.S Business Databases

We provide reliable data and give you accurate information on the business industry in the US.

U.S Jobs and Intership Databases

Are you looking for a job? We have an updated database of jobs and internships positions for you.

U.S Healthcare

We have an updated database of health care professionals in the US. We collect our data through phone calls and we also verify the contacts that we got so you will only get valid data.

U.S Historical Business Databases

We understand how hard it is to find reliable historical data. Therefore, we have a team of researchers that work to provide historical data for you.

U.S New Business Databases

Did you know, that there are over 600,000 new businesses open in the US each year? If you are looking to connect with them, we have their data available for you.

Canadian Business Databases

We also provide a solid database on businesses in Canada. This is a great choice if you are looking to expand to Canada, or if you are based in Canada.

U.S Whitepage Databases

We can help you to connect with long-lost relatives! We have a database that we validate with the National Change of Address (NCOA) database of the USPS too.

U.S Consumer/ Lifestyles

If you need to do market research, we can do it for you. We have the data that you need for your research and we only provide validated data.

U.S. New Movers and Home Owner Databases

Because we have a full set of US demographics data, this data includes statistics of home owners and people who have recently moved addresses. You can choose to break the data as you need.

Canadian Whitepages

You can also get a reliable database of people in Canada. We have a valid database that we regularly check and validate.

Data Scrubbing / Cleansing

Have a ton of data but unsure about the quality? Give us the data, and we can clean it for you. We will call them and check their validity before we give it back to you.

Exclusive Data

Leadhustler is the provider of high-quality data. All of our data have been gone through quality checking so we only send you those that pass our quality system.

Aged Data

All of our data are generated through in-house telemarketing. Once the data have passed 30-day exclusivity agreement, the data will be available to the market again for those who prefer to buy aged data. Our aged leads have an average close ratio of 2-4% so it is a good option for those who have limited budget.

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