Sample Health Script

Hi “Steve”

This is …..

I am with (the name of your company or brokerage) we are a health and life insurance solution provider and we specialize in saving self-employed small business owners money and improve your medical coverage while keeping all your current doctors as well.

Do u purchase your own individual/family coverage or do you have a group plan?

What company are you currently with for your medical insurance?

“Steve” let’s get some basic information so our broker can prepare you free quotes.

So you can see how much we can save you!

What is your Home zip code?

“steve” what is your date of birth or age?

Do you smoke?

Steve is there anyone else to be covered with you on the quote such as? (Wife, kids or employees)?

What is your spouses date of birth or age?

Children date of birth or age?

All I need is your email and our broker can start working on the quotes for you.


Just so we can make sure we prepare the right plans for you.

Have you or anyone to be insured been diagnosed with heart attack, cancer, stroke or diabetes or had a serious back injury in the last 7 years?

Ok our local rep “Rep’s first and last name” will be calling you back in the next day or two.


Sample Health Insurance Lead


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