Sample Health Script

Hi “John”

This is “agent name,” and I am from “insert your company name here.” Our company is a local health insurance provider, and we specialize in helping business owners like you save money through our customized plans. Are you interested to find out more about the plans that can suit your needs and budget? We just need some basic information from you before we get started.

Do you have an individual or family insurance plan, or do you have a group plan? Are you enrolled in a government-subsidized insurance plan?

What company are you currently using for your health insurance?

Ok, thanks for the information “John”. Can I ask you a couple more questions regarding some basic information? This will be used by our brokers to determine the best customized plan for you.

What is your home zip code?

How old are you now?

Also, is there anyone in your family that you like to cover with your plan? Any spouse? Kids? Or co-workers?

(Get additional person’s age and gender)

Okay, moving on, what’s your email?

Have you or anyone you mentioned previously been diagnosed with heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes or had a serious back injury within the past 7 years?

Lastly, we will need to know if you have an annual income of $40,000 or more?

Thank you for the info “John.” That’s all I needed. We have local health insurance broker in your area that can help you get the best plan to suit your needs and budget. Is it okay if they give you a call in the next day or two?