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Lead Hustler is the number one source for telemarketing leads of any kinds. We have been in the business for 14 years. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we strive to deliver our leads with the highest quality. All of our calls are recorded and the audio recording is checked by our quality control team before we send them to our customers. If they did not meet our quality standards, they will not be sent to our customers. That is how serious we are about quality.

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Lead Hustler understands that getting sales lead is important for your business. We provide sales lead for telemarketers. All you have to do is contact us and order sales leads according to your business. We can provide health insurance leads, storm damage leads, hail damage, solar leads, or even home security leads.

You don’t have to worry about getting reliable telemarketing leads for your business. We provide you the BEST contacts with pricing so you can get the most of your pocket. We value customer satisfaction and we only want to provide the best for them.

We have a variety of services for your business, such as outbound calling, inbound customer, receptionist services, appointment setting, personal assistant, web design, social networking leads, digital media management, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads. You can find out more about our services in our service page, where there will be more explanation about each services that we offer.

All of our leads are not generated by online search or by online survey. Instead, we only use telemarketing to ensure that we will get the highest quality information. We also don’t use any third party in the data gathering process, because as the number one outsourcing facility, we keep everything in-house. This also means that we can take control of our quality process and also we can keep our prices competitive. Using telemarketing also can boost trust for the potential customers rather than filling in an online survey

We are also experienced in providing training for sales reps and insurance agents. LeadHustler offers you a one-stop shopping place for all your leads. We also have experience in working with many clients, from small business to the biggest players in the industry.

The Founders Message

I believe many business owners know that the driving force of any sales organization is having good quality leads. Without people to contact and sell your products and services, your business will not survive. I used to make cold calls up to 150 calls a day which would generate leads but I know it was not a good use of time since I was spending more time prospecting and less time closing. I know that sales people don’t get paid to prospects, but to close deals. I needed good quality health insurance leads to grow and expand my business. I was trying different ways to generate leads, so I decided on buying internet leads as a way of trying to increase sales for me and my organization. I later found out that the quality of the leads was terrible and I felt like I was flushing my money down the toilet. Most of the leads I got was people getting tricked to give their information for a contest or to win a free computer, and by the time I reached the client, they already had 7 other brokers called them and they already got health insurance. I felt very frustrated and realized that I had to do something different. I know that I needed to get out of the box and do something different than my competitors.

I decided to do a research on the most successful Fortune 500 companies in the world. I wanted to know how they always managed to stay one step ahead. The answer is OUTSOURCING. Those companies are employing people in different countries to do some of their basic tasks for them. This may include tasks such as customer service, lead generation, technical assistance, data processing, and others. These tasks can simply be done over the internet or phone. Having an outsourcing team means that they can get the job done with fewer cost compared to having full-time American employees.

While I thought it’s a smart move to use a global system that can benefit the company, at that time my company was just a small one with three employees. I didn’t have a budget like those Fortune 500 companies! I even tried to contact some call centers, only to found out that they have a minimum of 1000 leads a month, something that my company did not have the capacity for. I got even more frustrated. I know that there a lot of small companies out there that could really benefit from having an outsource system like the “big boys” were using.

I continued to do my research until I finally had enough knowledge and made a big decision. In March 2005 I got on a plane to the Philippines to see the outsourcing process myself. During my time in the Philippines, I learned how I would win the leads war and gain a competitive advantage over my competitors. I know I had to do something extremely risky, but as they say the bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards! I opened my own call center in December 2005. Opening a call center in a foreign country was no easy task, I had to face lots of uphill battle and had to go through a lot, but it is worth it in the end. By taking advantage of the global economy and having my own call center, I was able to create leads with less cost than when I had to buy them. More importantly, I was able to control the quality.

While the economy is down and a lot of businesses were struggling, I decided to open the opportunity to other businesses. I gave them the opportunity to take advantage of the global economy without having to move to a third world country. My core focus was to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses. I want them to be able to hire more workers and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. I understand that we are facing tough times in the industry, so I want to help you to cut costs and increase your efficiency as it is more important now than ever. Call us and we can help you not only to survive in this economy but to thrive against your competitors!


We provide two kinds of outsourcing services. The first one is seat leasing. This means the client stays at our facility and they can build and manage their own team. This method also means that you are just renting our place and hire the agents through us.

The second option is managed seat leasing. In this case, we will set up everything that you need to run a team. We will follow your strategy, hire a team, train them, and get them to work according to your specifications. You don’t have to present if you choose this method as we will take care of everything for you.

LeadHustler is experienced and have worked for many years with various clients. We take care of our customers seriously and we always strive to provide the best customer service. If you are ready to grow with us, don’t hesitate and CONTACT US NOW!

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