Aged Health Leads

Aged Health Insurance Leads you can depend on

Our telemarketing aged health insurance leads are made using the highest standards by contacting small business owners and self-employed people. You first need to know the process of how we make the exclusive telemarketing health insurance leads to see the quality and high standards to see why then our aged health insurance leads are so effective. We collect the info you need (currently insurance and with whom or not, business owners full name or person in charge, business phone, date of birth or ages of all to be insured, tobacco usage, email, all of our leads are screened for major medical issues and make sure the client agrees to a call from a broker) Since we guarantee the exclusivity of our leads for 60 days all of our aged leads are 90+ days aged or more before eligible for this aged health lead offering.


Although our exclusive leads have the highest industry average closing ratio at 30% this still means that 70% of these business owners are still in the market and looking to save money and get better coverage!

Aged health Insurance leads can be the most affordable and highest return on your investment for hard working savvy brokers that like calling people or use email marketing! Since 70% of our aged leads have emails, reps with drip marketing, Norvax or other email based CRM quoting systems can input the information and let the system make the money for them all from just enter the info! Aged Health Insurance leads are also perfect for new reps because they are so affordable!

If you want to really grow your book of business aged health insurance leads from Lead Hustler is your least expensive way to make money.

After you see the success of our aged health insurance leads you will want to check out our exclusive telemarketing health insurance leads as well.

Aged health insurance leads can be order state wide or by SCF code.The leads can be sent to you on Excel or in Word format. We can upload them in your CRM for a fee or free if you purchase 1000 leads or more leads.

Minimum aged health insurance lead order is 100 leads

Lead amount/ Price per lead

100 $2

101-200 $1.75

201-500 $1.50

501-1000 $1.25

1001- up $1.00

Discounts available to health insurance companies we currently work with and to current new lead buying customers.

Please call or email in for prices on orders larger than 1000 aged health insurance leads.


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