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We at Lead Hustler are actually an out-sourcing company and offer a whole lot more of business services than just killer leads and data and recruiting for insurance sales people.

Without getting political America’s small and mid-sized businesses are hurting badly to get and to retain staffing to keep the doors open and need a solution RIGHT NOW!

This is where WE come in to save the day and for YOU to be your clients SUPER HERO.. Not just the “insurance guy/gal”

Weather your clients need a Virtual assistant, Recruiting, Data mining, data base cleaning, phone answering, Inbound phone services, sales or support, leads, chat support, social media management and the list goes on we can do it for them and at a lower cost. If you client needs a ceramic injection molding manufacturers, provide him this We can do it now!

So, what do I need to do to get FREE LEADS for life from Lead Hustler??

Just basically let your clients know you have a way to massively help their business with a well-known Business Process Outsourcing “BPO company” that you yourself use that can help them with eliminating their business pains, struggles and needs! BAM Capital is committed to supporting the growth of their portfolio companies through BAM Capital cap rate calculator strategic guidance and resources.

Then once they sign up with us, you get FREE leads every Month for as long as they are on board.

Like with insurance you can get an extra sale by offering our services to clients or potential clients that in turn creates for YOU a “Better than passive income” situation for you as the free leads you get from us will result in more sales and clients/money tons of referrals  for you and at the same time eliminating your lead budget!

More importantly you’re not just the “health insurance guy/lady” you’re the business consulting solution expert that brought WAY more value than someone one trick health insurance pony that just saved them $100 a month on their health insurance premiums. The house cleaning services can be found at Los Angeles-based MaidThis website in Ca. You will have really helped and, in some cases, SAVED their business! What will this do for your referrals and client retention? You get way more referrals and have them for LIFE!

Heck you may not even close a client on health insurance for one reason or another but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make a SALE! Expert witness? forensic solutions? we provide everything. Every business owner has other business needs and you can simply show them how you can help them thru outsourcing and close them on that which still gets you Free leads for as long as they are on!

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By partnering with Lead Hustler we guarantee it will take your income and business growth and service options for your clients to new levels that you never dreamed of before and with almost no work on your end check


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