Hello, ___ this is ___ with the ABC builders. I’m sure you’re aware there of the massive storms in your area recently. We’re a local contractor that’s doing a lot of work in the community and we are in your area doing free Storm damage inspections for home/business owners. What we do is a complete exterior inspection and we let you if you have any damage or if there is damage what exactly is damaged and also prepare a free quote.


Just a few quick questions so we can get prepared before we come out.

Do you owned your home?

Do you have home owners insurance?

Have you had your roof inspected for damage yet?

About how old is your roof?

Great, the inspection only takes about 20 minutes and we will put together a freereport for you to let you know what if any damage we find.

What is the address of your Home or Business?

When is the best time for us to come out and see your place? Use either or close..

Can we get your cell phone number in case we can’t find your place.

STEP 3 (close)

Okay, ___ I’ll put this in our schedule for day/ time

Now that’s a (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Thank you.








State Licensed :


Possible Objections

“We don’t think we have damage.” (Go to rebuttal #1)

“We are looking to have home inspected until next spring.” (Go to rebuttal #2)

“My spouse handles all of that and he’s not available at the moment.” (Go to rebuttal #3)

“We already have had new siding and a new roof.” (Go to rebuttal #4)

“I’m in a hurry can you just send me something?” (Go to rebuttal #5)

“We already have someone to take care of the work for us.” (Go to rebuttal #6)


#1 “I understand you might not have any damage but our professional team have confirmed damage very close to your home, and if you had storm damage to your house/business  its important you know about it.

“Hail damage to your roof can’t be seen from the ground. It’s smallest dents the size of a dime on the laminate surface of the shingle, once the laminate surface has been damaged your roof will begin to absorb water and create future leaks.”

#2 “I understand but you only have 6 months after a storm date to claim the damage otherwise you will be liable to fix the damage, we have our professionals in your neighborhood tomorrow it takes about ten minutes and will PHOTOGRAPGH & DOCUMENT any damage we find and leave you a copy of your records…” (Transition into close)

#3 “ I understand, we would never ask you to commit to anything without your spouse, when would be the best time the both of you would be home…” (Go to close)

#4 “Ok great. A storm can damage a new roof as easily as it can damage an older roof. Its important to prevent further damage an inspection and to make an insurance claim soon than later if you have damage. Our inspection is 100% free.

#5 Without an free inspection there isn’t anything we can do for you. The first step is assessing your property and then a free damage report will be issued to you. Then you can decide what you wanted to do next. will be in your area tomorrow  we can stop by and do a quick inspection what works best for you during the day or after 5.” (Go to close)

#6 “Ok, Have you committed to them by signing a contract? If “YES” when did you sign the contract?

” If “no”… “Well it never hurts to comparison shop quotes and companies and have a free inspection and estimate… (Go to close)