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Our Solar Lead Return Policy

-You have 72 hours after delivery / transfer to return your solar lead
-Our QC team will review the recording and they will determine if the lead can be replaced
-If the lead can be replaced, you will get credit. If not, the lead will be counted towards your total order amount

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There are several possible situations for a solar lead replacement / return:

-No answer: If the phone number can’t be reached by your sales team, we will try to call them and if they still can’t reach them after 4 times trying, we will accept your replacement request and return the lead with other lead for you
-Not within the criteria: If a lead is outside of the criteria, we can analyze it further and replace the lead with the one that is within the criteria.

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Our Lead Replacement Policy

Leadhustler only accepts replacement for no answer / no connectivity if it falls under below criteria. You need to attach or have a screenshot of the date, time, and result of the attempted contact to that customer. We need a minimum attempt of 3 times within 2 days before we can consider it to be replaced.

We always strive to provide the best quality data, however if you are less than satisfied, you can contact us and we can discuss to find the best solution.

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Solar Return Policy

Our Policy – IMPORTANT

We do not accept replacements for no answer / no connectivity without the following:
Attach / Type out / Screenshot of the Date, time and result of attempted contacts to that one customer
Those of you in with a Dialer this is an easy report to screenshot

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Minimum attempts required = 3 attempts over the course of 2 days

You wish to return lead number 47585

Customer with a phone number (123)-456-7899

Reason for replacement – No Answer

Call attempt #1 – 1/1/16 – 2:11 pm – voicemail

Call attempt #2 – 1/1/16 – 5:45 pm – voicemail

Call attempt #3 – 1/2/16 – 1:56 pm – voicemail

The above will be accepted.

We have a long history of telemarketing in various campaigns and although every lead we create and send all follow a strict guideline for quality sometimes a bad lead will slip through and we will replace it.

Our goal is to be your go to provider for the highest quality solar leads weather its Aged Solar leads, Exclusive Telemarketing leads, Live transfer Solar leads or Face to Face Solar appointments.

Please feel free to call in if you needed further information about our solar program or the return policy.


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