Solar Lead Sheet

This is an example of the kind of information that we will give you when you order solar leads from Leadhustler. We only generate our leads in-house from a dedicated telemarketing team. Our telemarketers are experienced to get relevant information as business lead for you.

Before we transfer the information to you, all calls are recorded and our quality team will go through each calls one by one to ensure its quality. This is to ensure that you only get the best leads and you will be 100% satisfied with our leads.

If you are looking for solar leads, you need relevant information such as the type of shade and the type of roof that your potential customers currently have. Don’t worry because we will cover that information on our lead sheet. Check out the example below:

Date contacted:
Reps name:
Home owners name:
Residential address:
Home phone number:
Cell phone number:
Type of residence:
Utility provider:
Monthly electric bill:
Other utility bills:
Type of shade:
Type of roof:
Roof condition and age:
Best time to call: