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Aged Solar Leads? What Are They?

The difference between exclusive solar leads and aged solar leads is the timeline. All of Leadhustlers’ solar leads started as exclusive solar leads for 30 days. During the 30-day exclusivity period, the solar leads are exclusive to one client. Once they have passed the 30-days mark, the leads are called aged solar leads and can be purchased by other clients.

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Solar Leads Script, Solar Lead Sheet, Aged Solar Leads, Solar Returns Policy

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Aged Solar Leads


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This Is What You Will Get with an Aged Solar Leads Package from Leadhustler

Get complete information such as their contact details, credit score, electric bill more than $125 a month, and other relevant information. You will get all the information you need to build a connection!
With aged solar leads, you will get the opportunity of getting new customers without an amount that will break your bank. Our leads are generated via telemarketing so they are more qualified and have a higher quality compared to those that were generated online.

How to Order
You can order our aged solar leads based on your preference. Let’s say you need leads that cover a particular state, county, city, SCF, or zip code. We will make it happen for you!
Our aged leads are DNC scrubbed to give you more assurance
The cost of an aged solar lead is $3 per lead, and there are discounts if you purchase a bulk amount
All sales are final and we don’t offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. However, we have a dedicated quality control team that can guarantee the quality of the leads that we sent to our customers.

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Our minimum order quantity is 100 leads
You can also test our contact rate and quality for an initial investment of $200
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