Sample Storm Chasing Lead


Leadhustler provides storm chasing lead for businesses who need it. To ensure our quality, we only source our leads in-house through telemarketing. We have a dedicated telemarketing team that will contact home owners and business owners to get their information. This information will be stored and our quality assurance team will verify them before we give them to you. Those are just some of the activities that we do to ensure that we only provide high quality lead generation for your business.

Leadhustler believes in high quality data and we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the leads that we give them. We understand that if you need storm chasing leads, you need to get relevant information. It is important if you can find out about the current status of their home or property insurance. This kind of information will help you to propose a solid storm damage insurance for your potential customers.

Another important factor is to find out whether the property have been inspected for damage or not. This is related to the kind of plan that you can offer the home owner.

If you have other information that you want us to cover, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can add them to our storm chasing script so you can still get that information as well.

Check out the example below.

Rep’s name who called client:
Date Called:
Home/Business Owners name:
Appointment date and time:
Address to be inspected:
Home/office/cell Phone:
Do you own your home/building?
Do you have home/ property insurance?
Have you had your roof inspected for damage yet? NO
About how old is your roof?
Additional call detailed notes: