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Home Security Leads

LeadHustler is proud to offer exclusive telemarketing home security leads for your business. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we strive to give you the best home security leads. We can give you exclusive leads categorized according to your needs, for example by state, city, SCF, town, or by zip code.

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LeadHustler contact residential owners and call them on your behalf to gather relevant information
We only provide exclusive home security leads just for your business.

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Once we make the call to your prospect customers and collect their information, we will hand over the contacts for you. All of our conversation are recorded and checked by our quality control team. The recording can also be available to you for review
We can send you the leads in various format according to your needs. We can even follow the system that you have been using in your business, so there is no need to adjust systems to get home security leads from us. We can send the leads to you in email format, Microsoft Outlook contacts, Microsoft Word or Excel format, or if you order more than 100 leads, we can also send it using your CRM software if you prefer. Please note that if you chose this last option, you need to pay for any extra expenses to use the software.


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Live Call Transfers
The process is easy and simple. We call all potential customers who are residential owners based on Home Security scripts that we have designed.

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After we collect their information and check if they meet the criteria, we will transfer the call instantly. However, if you choose this option, you have to be available during the time that we make the call, otherwise you will lose the direct opportunity to talk to potential customers. If you prefer to talk to them later, there is no use of choosing live call transfers option.
Exclusive Telemarketing Leads
We have a pre-determined Home Security telemarketing scripts that we use to call potential customers. We call them and talk to the residential owners to find out their interest about getting a home security system. All information that we gathered are exclusive to you and you can use them for a follow up call to generate sales for your business
Shared Leads
If you have budget restrictions, you can choose this option. This type of Home Security sample lead is affordable as you will be sharing the leads with other buyers. We will share the leads to a maximum of two buyers and all leads are also voice recorded to ensure quality


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To ensure quality and the success of this method, we have a minimum order policy. As first time buyer, there is a minimum of 25 exclusive leads or live transfers.

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Once you have completed your first time purchase, the minimum order for standard orders is 50 live transfers or exclusive leads
You can also choose the option to rent our entire call center. If you want to reduce competition and want to win the market, you can choose to rent our entire call center. This method is proven to be very effective for businesses who can handle more than 200 calls in a week. If you are a big business and ready to step forward from the rest of the competition, you can rent our entire call center. Please note that we only accept back wires for this option
Last but not least, you can also add your own caller ID when we call prospect customers. We understand that when we call them, sometimes they are not at home or they may be busy. If you add your own caller ID, the person can easily call you back and their call will be directed to your phone number, not ours. This way, you can close the deal faster and hopefully will boost more sales for your business.


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Although we have been working our best to provide you with the highest quality home security leads, sometimes there are things that happened beyond our control.

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Since we believe in 100% customer satisfaction, we will be happy to make a refund or return to you if you are not 100% satisfied. However, there are some criteria that have to be met.

The person can’t be reached or has a bad phone number. We will try to call them back and find the correct phone number before re-sending them to you
The lead is not pre-agreed based on geographical area
If you chose live transfer, the call did not reach the 60 seconds time connection period
Unfortunately, we can’t return the leads if the person is your previous client
Last but not least, we always get the person’s agreement before we complete the call according to our home security telemarketing scripts. In this case, once they agree to have a follow up call, we will send their contacts to you. But, we can’t control what happened after the call. Therefore, we can’t guarantee if they will buy your products or services right away


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Lead replacement policy:

We have been making home security leads for some time and our process is by designed to be high quality by utilizing a careful screening process of listening to the recorded call and reviewing them. We don’t send you leads that don’t meet the established criteria. Our average lead return rate is 5%. We realize there are unusual circumstances that can arise which will be looked at case by case. After submission for review we handle all the replacements at the conclusion of the preset order for replacement.

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Here are the returnable leads criteria for leads replacement:

Unable to reach the person/ bad phone number-we will retry to contact and if we can’t we will replace the lead. If we can we will send it back to you with the audio tape or the corrected number

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The lead is not in the pre-agreed upon geographical area city, town, SCF code, Zip code

For Live Transfer:

The call did not reach the 60 second time connection time.

Please note:

We also do not replace leads if the lead is a previous client of yours or of your organization as we have no control or prior knowledge of this information. We simply produce Home security Leads / Live transfer of people that have interest in obtaining information on home security systems.

All of the leads we send to our clients we let them know you by name or a local rep per your request will be calling them back and they on tape must agree to that call back. If they don’t agree to the call back we won’t consider it a lead and they will not be sent to you.

That being said we can’t control anything beyond what happened on our call if you call the client and say they aren’t interested or don’t want the home security system we can’t replace these leads. You can obtain tape on any lead we produce for you per your request.

When requesting a credit please note we replace the ones that qualify for replacement at the end of the order as to not interrupt the process or make it confusing. Simple send in the lead with the name and reason to the same email that we are you sending you the leads from and we will review and re-listen to the tape and decide on the replacement of the lead based on the established criteria listed in this agreement.


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Payment methods:


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Bitcoin– Since all campaigns are prepaid the value the day the contract is signed and payment is made will determine the number of bitcoin’s it will take to cover the campaign. The prices are pegged against the valuation to the US dollar.

Credit card/Debit– We can accept credit card via over the phone or on our credit card authorization form. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover both credit and debit cards. On orders bigger than 50 appointments or live transfers you need to send money via bank wire.

PayPal– Clients wanting to pay with American Express can pay for the services via PayPal with or without an established PayPal account. Clients can also transfer funds if available in their PayPal account to us as well but must pay the fee on their end.

Bank Wire- Clients typically use this option if they are renting the entire call center for the day. This is also an option for any size order as well. ALL ORDERS OF 50 OR MORE ARE REQUIRED TO SEND MONEY VIA BANK WIRE.

Direct deposit in our bank- We currently accept checks, cash brought to any Wells Fargo bank for fast payments. Account numbers will be given to you if you elect to do this option at time of payment.

We hope that this information is sufficient for you to consider doing business with us. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we are ready to establish a mutual partnership to achieve success! CALL US NOW!



Lead order review information:

Start date: When you want the sooner the better as people want to get back to normal life as fast as possible

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Geographical area to call: You can choose (City, Town, zip code)

Lead amount: 25-unlimited

Price per lead:



Call Data: We use scrub data from several different list companies. We can also use a client’s data at an additional cost per lead due to not knowing the quality or how old the data is when it is given to us to call. If you want us to use your data it must be in either excel or csv. file.

We look forward to working with our clients for as long as they are in the business and want to be your “go to” source for quality home security leads. We do our best to deliver you a sell-able lead every time. We know that this business relationship must be that of a win/win for both parties in that if you can’t sell with our leads you can’t buy our leads. Thanks for reading this important information we look forward to a long mutually beneficial business relationship.


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