Home Security Script


Hi “Sir/Madam”, My name is “insert your name here” from “insert company name”.

Our company is the provider of home security systems. Our mission is to help homeowners and protect their home. The reason we are calling you is to see if you qualify for a free home security system. Can we proceed? We only need a few information and this call will not take long.

Are you the homeowner? (if no, ask to speak with the homeowner)
Is “John Doe” your full name?
Do you have a home security system installed?
If yes, with what company, and when will your contract expire?
Can you tell me your home address?
Can you let me know your credit score?

That’s it for now. If you are interested, we will have our home security expert to call you. They will explain the programs in more detail.

Transfer the call only if they say YES

For Live Transfer Only

Thank you for the information. We are now ready to connect you with our home security expert. Can I transfer your call to them?

For Home Security Lead

Thank you Sir/Madam, now what time is best for my colleague to call you back tomorrow?