Hello_________ this is ____________ from ABC Security.

We are the leading provider for home security systems and help homeowners protect their home. It’s never been a better time to check out our home security systems and see IF YOU QAULIFY FOR A FREE HOME SECURITY SYSTEM to protect your family.

With a couple questions we can see if you qualify for a free home security system for your home!

Are you, the homeowner? If they say No then ask to speak to the homeowner

Is “Steve Jones” your full name?

Do you currently have a home security system?

If “yes” with what company and when does your contract expire?

What is the home address?

Do you have good to excellent credit?

Are you interested in talking with a home security system specialist that get you more details?

They have to say YES!


Great we have our home security consultant ready to go over the program with you right now. Let me get you transfer directly to them.


Our rep FIRST AND LAST NAME will call back tomorrow to go over the details.