Hi “Steve”

This is “your name” and I am from ________ we are a local health insurance provider and we specialize in saving business owners money on your health insurance. We can find you a plan that suits your need and budget. We just need some basic information so we can work on your own custom health insurance solution.

Do you purchase your own individual/family coverage or do you have a group plan? Did you get a subsidize plan from the government?

What company are you currently with for your medical insurance?

“Steve” let’s get some basic information so our broker can prepare you free quotes. So you can see how much we can save you!

What is your home zip code?

“Steve” what is your date of birth or age?

Do you smoke?

Steve is there anyone else to be covered with you on the quotes such as spouse, kids or co-workers?
(spouse: get dob or age and if they smoke, children: gender and dob or age, co-worker gender, age dob or if they smoke).

What is your email:

Have you or anyone to be insured been diagnosed with heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes or had a serious back injury in the last 7 years?

Just so we can make sure we prepare the right plans.

Do you have an annual income of 40,000 or more?

Would it be okay if our local broker will give you a call in a day or two?